Everything with my internship is going great. We are still making a strong push for The Composure’s tour which is just getting started. I have been doing some PR by reaching out to local press and media in each of the cities using my connectors list. For our other band, Dinner And A Suit, I have been putting together contracts and advances for their acoustic tour that they are currently on. Within the next few weeks, I will be taking over the social media aspects of the company. I will really be focusing in on creating buzz for our bands, as well as out brand via social media marketing.

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I started interning for a new artist management company in Pittsburgh called Cursive Creative. So far it has been an awesome experience and I am learning a ton! The company is brand new, so the entire company is the two owners and myself. This is great because it allows for me to get really involved. The artists on the roster so far are Dinner And A Suit, The Composure, and Gypsy And His Band Of Ghosts. 

So far I have been having meetings with the bands to discuss upcoming album artwork, creating contracts for shows, creating advances for shows, contacting press to cover shows for when our bands go into their area, attended photo shoots, attended video shots, attended shows for our bands, created connector lists, and much more.

Right now, out big project is working with The Composure on their upcoming summer tour. I have been contacting media as well as getting together promotion materials to send out to the venues for their 14 city tour. 

I am really happy that I got into such a good company at this early of a stage. There is potential to grow here and get really involved which is what I am looking for. So far it has been a perfect fit.


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